The East District is heading into the time of Spring Forums and a Convention. There are wonderful opportunties to become involved in the work of the church. For instance, we are looking for both pastoral and lay members to nominate for the Department For Outreach, Department For Parish Services and the Department For Finance. The Communications Committee is always looking for members to help with the ever growing demands of communicating the work we, in the District, are doing together. Don’t be shy to volunteer in this work. Let us know of your availability through your pastor, circuit counsellor or contacting the District Office. Here are some specific places that will need to be filled by June 2012:

Department For Outreach

One Lay or Pastoral representative from each of the Stratford, Toronto, and Windsor Circuits.

We are also looking for volunteers to assist with the 2013 EvangelFest in the London, ON area.

Department For Parish Services

One Lay or Pastoral representative from each of the Hamilton, Hanover, and London Circuits.

Department For Finance

One Lay or Pastoral representative from each of the Kitchener, Niagara, and Ottawa Circuits.

East District Lutheran Young Adults (EDLYA)

Are always looking for interested Young Adults to represent various geopgraphical areas. Check them out at www.edlya.ca

Local Congregation

Consider contacting your pastor or those in your congregation to help out locally.

Short-Term Missions

Perhaps you might be interested in joining a short term mission team. Let the Mission Executive  know and he will try to get you into the loop.