Convention Action and Results



District President: Rev. Paul Zabel

First Vice-President: Rev. Timothy Teuscher

Second Vice-President: Rev. Ron Mohr

District Secretary: Mrs. Lois Griffin

Directors-At-Large (Clergy): Rev. Marvin Bublitz

Directors-At-Large (Laity):

Mrs. Doris Milette,
Mr. Reg Tiegs,
Mr. Jim Lang,
Mr. Kent Schappert

District Nominations Committee (Clergy): Rev. Richard Juritsch

District Nominations Committee (Laity): Mr. Daniel Putzman

Committee for Convention Nominations Synod (Professional Church Worker): Rev. Marvin Bublitz

Committee for Convention Nominations Synod (Laity): Mrs. Anna Fierling

Circuit Counsellors:

Rev. Kurt Reinhardt (Hanover)
Rev. Andre Schroth (Kitchener)
Rev. Don Schieman (London)
Rev. David Hamp (Niagara)
Rev. David Smilek (Ottawa)
Rev. Greg Johnson (Toronto)
Rev. Kevin Walrath (Hamilton)
Rev. John Trembulak III (Stratford)
Rev. Gilvan de Azevedo (Windsor)




ADOPTED      12-1-01 To decline overture 12-1-01 ‘To Encourage all Lutheran Church-Canada Youth Ministries to Work with the Synodical and District Structure’

ADOPTED      12-1-02 To Facilitate Instruction in God’s Word to the Next Generation (to take no action)

ADOPTED      12-1-03 To Encourage the Use of Memorization in Christian Education

ADOPTED      12-1-04 To Promote a Lutheran identity in Youth Ministry throughout the East District. (to take no action)

ADOPTED      12-2-01 To Amend the East District handbook

ADOPTED      12-2-02 To Decline Overture 12-2-02

ADOPTED      12-2-03 To Decline Overture 12-2-03

ADOPTED      12-2-04 To Provide Regular Reporting from our Seminaries

ADOPTED      12-2-05 To Clarify “Recognized Mission Congregation” Status

ADOPTED      12-2-06a T0 Implement LCC Resolution 11.03.08a, “To approve appropriate technologies for conducting the business of Synod and its Districts”

ADOPTED      12-2-07a To Adopt a Policy of Transparency for District Boards and Entities

ADOPTED      12-2-08 T0 Establish an East District Church Worker Student Loan Program

ADOPTED      12-3-01 To Investigate the Possibility of offering the Doxology program for Pastors in the East District

ADOPTED      12-3-02 To Remind our Congregations and Pastors of the importance of Using Doctrinally Pure Materials

ADOPTED      12-3-03 To Decline Overture 12-3-03 (To Encourage Orderly Participation of Pastor and People Together in Ministry.)

ADOPTED      12-3-04b To Expand the Eligibility of Retired Pastors for Service in Synodical Boards and Commissions

ADOPTED      12-3-05 To Encourage all Members of the Dsistrict to Work Through our Established Structures to Raise Concerns within our Midst

ADOPTED      12-3-06 To Promote Unity in the East District

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