Appointed Officers



The President of the East District made the following appointments for the 2015 to 2018 term.

Archivist & Historian: Mrs. Carol Nagel
Committee on Constitutions
& Membership:
Chair: Rev. Robert Morley
Mr. Phil Ochs
Mr. Gerald Koeslag
Rev. Richard Juritsch
Mr. Daniel Mellecke
Handbook Committee: Chair: Rev. Marvin Bublitz
Secretary:  Mrs. Lois Griffin
Rev. Daniel Barr
Mrs. Wendy Winger
Dr. Ken Currie


The East District Board of Directors made the following appointments for the 2012 to 2015 term. (other terms in parenthesis)

Abuse Prevention Committee: Chair: Ms. Jane Ryan
Rev. Mark Koehler
Rev. Mark Danielson
Auditors: Famme & Company
Committee for Communication Services: Mr. Paul Beckett
Mr. Josh Gajdos
Rev. John Makey
Staff Liaison: Rev. Ron Mohr
Advisory: Mr. Stephen Klinck
ED News Editor: Mrs. Ilene Fortin
Department Members: see department pages
Lutheran Foundation Canada, District Board Representatives: Rev. Mark Danielson (2017)
Mr. Bruce Brubacher (2018)
Mr. Ron Dagg(2019)
Properties Committee: Mr. Bernie VanDonk
BOD Liaison: Mr. Kent Schappert
District: Mr. Darryll Holland
Personnel Committee: Mr. Reg Tiegs
Privacy Officer: Mr. Reg Tiegs
Reconciliation Committee: Rev. Nolan Astley (2021)
Rev. Dr. Bryan King (2021)
Mr. Roger Kleebaum(2018)
Rev. Dr. Kevin Fast (2018)
Mr. Doug McLaren (2021)
Treasurer: Mr. Ray Taylor