Campus Ministry


East District Campus Ministry is still interested in information of young adults entering post-secondary institutions in September so they can be sent an email inviting them to worship in their new location. Please submit the student name, email contact, and school name to Debbie Gajdos at  

Revised List of District Churches Ready to Welcome Post-secondary Students – CLICK HERE
(Updated 7/24/2017)

SAMPLE - Sunday bulletin notice:
As youth become young adults and move out of their parents’ homes, many of them do not look for a church home in their new location. The East District Campus Ministry would like to invite young adults to worship at a church in their new location. If you have a student heading off to a post-secondary institution, please consider submitting information to Pastor so he can stay in touch and the East District Campus Ministry can reach out to them as well.  We are looking for the following information: Name of Student, Email Contact, and Post-Secondary Institution that he/she will be attending. Please contact the church office as soon as you have that information and we will pass it along.