Department for Outreach

Mission Statement:
The Department for Outreach will assist District congregations and ministries in their work of gathering more people into a faith relationship with their Saviour.

DFO Members:
Stratford 2018 Mr. Gerrald Klages
Toronto 2018 Rev. Dr. Stephen Omoregie
Windsor 2018 Mr. Javed Khan
Kitchener 2019 Mr. Jeff Scott
Ottawa 2019 Rev. Paul Williams
Niagara 2019 Mrs. Linda Lantz
Hanover 2020 Rev. Jody Rinas
Hamilton 2020 Mr. Paul Otterman, Chairman
London 2017 Vacant
Member-at-Large 2019 Rev. Joel Kuhl, Secretary
BOD Liaison Rev. Marvin Bublitz
Staff Liaison Rev. Ron Mohr
 DFO Standing Committees:
Campus Ministry: Chair: Mrs. Debbie Gajdos (’15)
Evangelism: Rev. Marvin Bublitz
Rev. Stephen Omoregie
Mrs. Linda Lantz
Mr. Paul Otterman
Rev. Paul Williams
Rev. Joel Kuhl
Missions: Mr. Paul Otterman
Mrs. Linda Lantz
Rev. Stephen Omoregie
Rev. Joel Kuhl
Rev. Ron Mohr
Social Ministry: Mr. Jeff Scott
Mr. Javed Khan
Mr. Gerrald Klages
EvangelFest Organizing Committee
EvangelFest 2013 (Outreach) Rev. Jim Scholz, Chair
EvangelFest 2015 (Outreach) Mrs. Linda Lantz, Chair