Department for Parish Services

Mission Statement:
THE DEPARTMENT FOR PARISH SERVICES (DPS) assists congregations, pastors, and deacons of the East District as they teach the faith to everyone from children to seniors, supporting them in areas of worship and music; instruction in doctrine; Christian life and vocation; service to their neighbour; and by sharing their gifts for the benefit of the church. The DPS strives to achieve this through the development and provision of resources and events to foster distinctively Lutheran practices for the building up and encouragement of the whole body of Christ.

DPS Members:
Hamilton 2018 Vacant
Hanover 2018 Rev. Dr. David Saar
London 2018 Rev. James Scholz
Stratford 2019 Mrs. Jennifer Kitsch
Toronto 2019 Mr. Richard Wheeler
Windsor 2019 Rev. Dr. Dusan Tillinger
Kitchener 2017 Mr. Karl Witzke, Chair
Niagara 2017 Ms. Sharon Mills, Secretary
 Ottawa 2017 Mr. Ron Groskleg
BOD Liaison Mr. David Faerber
Staff Liaison Rev. Paul Zabel
DPS Committees:
 Recruitment & Student Aid: Committee of the Whole
Liaison: Ms. Sharon Mills
Staff Liaison: Mrs. Ilene Fortin
 Worship Committee: Chair: Rev. Kenneth Voege
Mrs. Laura Gray
Mrs. Heidi Gallas
Rev. David Gallas
Mr. Mark Rohfrietsch
Stewardship Committee: Liaison: Rev. Peter Gatluak
 Specialized Ministries: Committee of the Whole
   ~Children’s Ministry:
(S.S. Teacher’s Workshop)
Ad hoc Committee (as needed)
   ~Camp Pioneer: Chair: Rev. Paul Pollex
Rev. Andy Schroth
Rev. Larry Gajdos
    ~Older Adults Ministry: Ad hoc Committee (as needed)
Family Life: Liaison:
Lutheran Schools: Committee of the Whole
Caring Ministries (Parish Nursing, Stephen Ministries, etc.): Committee of the Whole
EDL Youth Committee: Liaison: Mr. Karl Witzke
Chair: Mrs. Krysti Beckett
Mr. Nathan Krey
Mr. Daniel Gajdos
Mrs. Louise Gondosch
Ms. Tina Etzl
Pastoral Advisors (2): Rev. Paul Pollex; Vacant
EDLYA – East District Lutheran Young Adults: Liaison: Rev. Peter Gatluak
President: Mr. Nathan Krey
Vice President: Mr. Scott Van Raes
Treasurer: Mr. Kyle Wise
Secretary: Mr. Josh Gajdos
Dir. of Communications: Mr. Paul Beckett
Windsor: Miss Tirzah Krey
London: Miss Marissa Jay
Kitchener: Mr. Mark Walrath
Hamilton: Ms. Tara Bacher-Roszel
Niagara: Miss Bianca Teich
Toronto: Mr. Kevin Lee
Hanover: Miss Kristen Wise
Pastoral Advisor: Rev. Dr. Harold Ristau 
EvangelFest: (2016) Ad-hoc Committee ~ tba