District Office Personnel


Lutheran Church–Canada, East District:
President Rev. Paul Zabel 519-578-6500 ext 1
Mission Executive Rev. Ron Mohr 519-578-6500 ext 2
Business Manager Mr. Darryll Holland 519-578-6500 ext 4
Administrative Secretary Mrs. Ilene Fortin 519-578-6500 ext 3
Assistant to the Bus. Mgr. Mrs. Marjorie Wilde 519-578-6500 ext 5
Lutheran Foundation Canada, East District:
Gift Coordinator Mr. Al Feth 519-578-6500 ext 6
Lutheran Church–Canada: www.lutheranchurch.ca
LCC President: Rev. Timothy Teuscher
LCC Mission Executive: Rev. Dr. Leonardo Nietzel
LCC Treasurer: Mr. Dwayne Cleave
LCC Communications Manager: Dr. Ian Adnams
Elected Personnel: 2015 – 2018
Appointed Personnel: 2015 – 2018