Lutheran Church–Canada, East District Mission Statement

Called together for service, the East District shall, by God’s grace, provide support and encouragement to our congregations and church workers as they carry out our Lord’s command to make disciples of all nations.


We are the congregations of common confession who Believe, Teach, and Confess the Biblical Truth as expounded in the Book of Concord of 1580. As such we represent the Lutheran Church–Canada in Eastern Canada in order to deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its forms through the Church to all peoples for their temporal and eternal benefit.

Congregational Giving

We encourage members of East District Congregations to donate through their congregation for local work of proclaiming the Gospel to their communities. We acknowledge that many congregations give to Missions either through the congregational budget or by a special category designated by name: Missions. The portion of these offerings and gifts goes to the work we do together as District and Synod.

Direct Giving

Over and above these offerings, we would like to offer you the opportunity to give directly to one of the following funds:

Congregational Development Fund*
Department For Outreach*
Department For Parish Services (Youth and Education)
French Ministry Fund*
General Fund – Where Needed Most
Maritime Ministry Fund*
Remote Ministry Fund*
Urban/Suburban Ministry Fund*

*To see what might be included with some of these Mission Funds see the Missions Page.

To Donate

You may do so using a major credit card or paypal through  or by cheque as you download a form and mailing a completed form in with your gift.

Planned Giving and Estate Planning

The Lutheran Church–Canada has also recognized the desire of God’s children to make planned giving and special donations to support the ongoing work of His Kingdom through our church. For personalized assistance of such gift giving or estate planning, Al Feth of Lutheran Foundation Canada located out of the East District Office would be happy to speak with you.