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Department for Outreach Summaries:

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Urban Outreach Conference

Urban Outreach Conference!  On Saturday February 11th 45 people from 15 different congregations gathered to discuss outreach efforts in urban centres in southern Ontario.  Participants were encouraged to speak for 2-3 minutes about their congregation’s/ministry’s outreach efforts.  For more information about this event or to get involved in the group, please contact David Chant (dwchant@sympatico.ca).  Check out the notes attached to this EN3 or download the meeting notes and other information from the conference from the LCC East District Website — Here.

Nativity Scene Tour
A Mission-Focussed Christmas!

Kitchener, Ontario — Thanks to St. Peter’s in New Hamburg, the East District office received a large wooden nativity scene that was not adopted by another congregation when the New Hamburg church building was sold in 2016. Our plan was to display the nativity scene over the Christmas season but asked, “Was there more we could do to reach out to our near-neighbours and passers-by?”

In the November-December edition of The EDen Report which was mailed to every East District congregation and is also available on the district website, Rev. Ron Mohr included a story entitled, “Celebrate a Mission-focussed Christmas.” In that story Pastor Mohr offered six ideas for thinking outside the box at Christmas to spread the seeds of God’s Gospel Word as far as possible. Idea #5, reads, Do you have a nativity scene on your church’s lawn? Why not develop a brochure that offers a “self-guided tour” explaining each figure and how it fits with the events of Christ’s birth? Include a response card on the brochure and a place to drop the card at the end of the “tour.” The response cards encouraged people to check off if they would like to receive a Bible or if they would like information about the Christian faith. The intent was to pass names and contact information to the pastor of the nearest LCC church so a connection could be made with the person.

A decorated mailbox was setup near the sidewalk and a path to the camel, sporting a waterproof pouch around its neck, was kept shoveled throughout the season. The mailbox contained several self-directed guide brochures explaining each segment of the nativity scene. Twenty-one of the brochures were picked up this season. Five response cards were returned to the camel’s pouch. We wish to thank Sperling’s Church Supply in Waterloo for donating a small nativity set for the winner of the response card draw.

After Christmas all respondents were contacted via email to assure them that we were indeed praying for them and anyone else for whom they requested prayer. We also thanked them for participating in our nativity scene self-guided tour and wished them peace through Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

The Nativity Scene Tour Brochure
Nativity Response Card

Map of Missions


EvangelFest 2015

September 25-26, 2015  @ Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary, St. Catharines

Keynote Speaker:  Rev. Jonathan Fisk
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Videos of the Keynote Speaker and some breakout sessions at EvangelFest 2015 are viewable on the East District Channel at YouTube.com.

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