The EDen Report

The EDen Report:  (bi-monthly newsletter of LCC, East District)

The East District Newsletter, The EDen Report, is distributed to all East District congregations several times per year. Get your copy at Sunday Service or download it here.!

The EDen Report:

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The EDen Report — What’s in a name? A general call was put out for name suggestions for the newsletter. Several people responded with variations on ED or EDEN. Of these, The EDen Report was selected as our new moniker. District President Paul Zabel explained the rationale behind the new name. In Joshua 22:34 we read: “And the children of Reuben and the children of Gad called the altar Ed: for it shall be a witness between us that the Lord is God.” (KJV). In this verse the reason for the altar that Joshua had built on the west side of the Jordan is given. It was to be a witness to the Lord and to the union that existed among the tribes of the Children of Israel in worshipping Him. It was also to serve as a reminder to the easterners to bring their offerings to the sanctuary at Shiloh and to remind the westerners that their eastern brothers were full-fledged Israelites. This being the case, what an appropriate name “The EDen Report” is, with the letters “ED” of the word “Eden” highlighted – for the new name of the newly established East District Newsletter. For this newsletter is intended to serve the East District by helping the members of the East District congregations and others as well, to be informed of how the churches of the East District are united in worshipping, serving, and witnessing to our Lord and our God – that God who has created us, who has redeemed us from our sin, and who has sanctified us to be His own.

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Lutheran Church-Canada, East District, 275 Lawrence Ave., Kitchener, ON  N2M 1Y3     Email     1-800-465-8179    519-578-6500